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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Death by Government: Swine Flu Vaccine

Scott Gottlieb writes in the Wall Street Journal that three flawed policy decisions have led to a shortage of swine flu vaccine in the United States.
The first fateful policy decision, made last spring, was to forgo vaccine additives—called adjuvants—that activate the immune system and make shots more potent. Adjuvants allow a smaller supply of vaccine stock to be stretched across more doses. These adjuvants are included in H1N1 vaccines world-wide, but not in the U.S.

Why do adjuvants matter? An adjuvanted H1N1 vaccine being used in Europe contains 3.75 micrograms of vaccine stock. The same vaccine in the U.S., without the adjuvant, requires 15 micrograms of vaccine for equal potency. If we used adjuvants, we could have had four times the number of shots with the same raw material.

The second cautious decision was to require that the H1N1 vaccine be a single shot. The government demanded single-dose syringes because they contain smaller amounts of thimerosal than multi-dose vials. This mercury-containing vaccine preservative continues to stir concern it can trigger childhood autism, even though this has been firmly disproven.

The third policy decision was to stick for too long with a proven, but slow process for making flu shots that uses chicken eggs to grow the raw vaccine material. Shots can be made much faster using mammalian cells to grow vaccine, and this process is already being used in Europe. The cell-based vaccines are unlikely to be approved in the U.S. Our precaution when it comes to vaccines means we don't easily embrace novel technologies, even if the Europeans would part with some of their limited supply.
Once again, we see that overregulation, passed in the name of public health, is actually preventing people from getting immunized against the flu. The hype over swine flu is likely overheated, but it is a particularly nasty strain. Does anyone doubt that the private sector would have been able to distribute vaccine faster and cheaper than government, had it been given the opportunity to do so outside of burdensome and counterproductive regulations?


  1. The adjuvant matters a lot. In this case the government was right to leave out adjuvant. The adjuvant squalene (an oil) causes autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis when injected in rats. It has been linked to the Gulf War Syndrome.
    It's not true that thimerosal has been disproven to trigger autism. The connection with autism is great. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on earth. Monkeys who were injected with thimerosal containing vaccines, comparable to vaccines given to infants, had neurodevelopmental delays.

  2. I meant the evidence is great that there is a connection between thimerosal in vaccines and autism.

  3. Thimerosal does NOT cause Autism. It is a factor though. In fact, neurotoxins make it easier for VACCINE CONTAMINANTS to cross the blood-brain barrier. Read "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts. You will also begin to understand why 1 in every 200 U.S. children now has cancer under the age of 10. 25% will die despite treatment. Vaccines are filled with animal viruses, bacteria, fungi and so much more. Did you know that they also harvest many vaccines on cancer cell lines known as Hela cells?

    I also wrote an article on the H1N1 vaccines which were approved by the FDA. Keep in mind, the formula is the same that is found in the seasonal flu vaccines, with the exception of the viral strain used.


    My article does the supply the package inserts for all 4 vaccines. It is important to note that MedImmune's H1N1 Nasal Spray leaves the vaccine recipient contagious for at least 21 days. See page 19 of their package insert. Isn't this the very first vaccine that came out and is being used throughout the countries, clinics and hospitals? Hmmm....no conspiracy there.

    All vaccines are deadly and useless. Nobody escapes injury. After reading the book I supplied you with you will understand why.