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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

66 More Waivers to Spending Freeze

CORRECTION- This post was originally titled "68 More Waivers to Spending Freeze". I had double-counted the two unclassified positions as additional to the 17 hiring freeze waivers. They should have been included in the 17 hiring freeze waivers.

The Department of Administrative Services is presenting an update on the state's hiring, travel, and equipment freezes to the Fiscal Committee as a late item this morning. This report covers the first quarter of FY10.

According to the report, Governor Lynch has issued 17 waivers to the hiring freeze since July 1, 2009, including two unclassfied positions confirmed by the Executive Council. This includes hiring Attorney General Michael Delaney. Lynch has also approved 17 waivers to the ban on out of state travel, including two blanket waivers to departments, and 32 waivers for equipment purchases. DAS estimates the total cost of these waivers at $820,313, but does not calculate how much the filled positions would cost over a full year. The report does not include any information on waiver requests that were denied.

The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy has repeatedly requested access to the FY10 first quarter data in order to verify the Department's public summary. We've already found significant gaps in the DAS report on FY08 waivers to the spending freeze. We certainly hope DAS will not make this data available publicly.

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