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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Study: NH business health tab would top $215m

John DiStaso reports in the Union Leader on the New Hampshire businesses would end up paying $215 to $229 million to implement the health care bill passed by the House of Representatives.
J. Scott Moody and Dr. Wendy P. Warcholik, writing for Republican activist Fred Tausch's grassroots STEWARD group, conclude that H.R. 3200 contains "hidden penalties for New Hampshire businesses" that will hurt their ability to compete for jobs in an international market.

They criticize the bill's so-called "play-or-pay" mandate and its provision to impose three new marginal brackets to the federal income tax to partially pay for health care reform.

"In the long run," say the authors, "this will discourage job creation in New Hampshire and reduce access to quality health care."

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