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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Layoffs are now the option of choice

Foster's is disappointed in the results of the State Employees Association vote on the proposed contract, and says layoffs are now the option of choice.
The State Employees Association rejected a fair contract brought forth by the state — one offering 19 unpaid furlough days instead of the state having to implement large-scale layoffs. The union's leaders recommended rejection of the contract and, on Monday, the general membership fell into lockstep with its leaders. The balloting split with 41 percent voting to accept the contract and 59 percent voting against it.

What do the SEA and the members who voted to reject the contract hope to gain from their action? While the employees represented by the SEA won't be forced to take the 19 days off without pay, a large number of them will lose their jobs. What is the SEA's next step, a search for a friendly judge to force a stay of the layoffs or a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board or some other act of desperation?

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