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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vanity Pays

Tom Fahey picks up on our recent study on vanity plates in his Under the State House Dome column in the Union Leader.
VANITY PAYS: Vanity license plates are still popular, despite higher fees, according to a review by the Josiah Bartlett Center. Cost of the plate went from $25 a year to $40 when the state budget passed in June, a 60 percent increase. The price hike took effect Aug. 1, so it's a bit early to go trend spotting.

But the center's investigator Grant Bosse said, "Based on the first month with the higher fee, it turns out our demand for vanity plates is pretty steady at these prices."
Nearly 15 percent of New Hampshire cars carry vanity plates, second in the nation to Virginia at 16 percent.

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