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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Column Rundown

Kevin Landrigan in the Nashua Telegraph- Lots of political stuff in there, but he does predict that state employees will narrowly approve the contract deal voted on last week.
With seniority playing a major part in who would get laid off, many state workers in these departments have a pretty good understanding whether they’re under the knife or free and clear even if the layoff is carried out.

With 6,800 voting, that means a super-majority of those casting ballots will enter the exercise expecting that if they vote the contract down, they’ll still have a job.

Then what drives them: the naked self-interest of not having to do without an estimated 3.5 percent of pay that comes with furloughs or the compassion that would oppose throwing any state worker out on the street in this tough economy?
I've predicted they vote down the contract when votes are counted tomorrow, so one of us will be right, and one of us will pretend this never happened.

Capital Beat in the Concord Monitor- pretty much all politics this week, focusing largely on the 2nd CD.

Under the State House Dome in the Union Leader- not online yet.

City Hall in the Union Leader- requiring city department heads to live within city limits, and lots of stuff about the upcoming city election.

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