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Monday, October 12, 2009

SEA Rejects Contract

Both NH Political Report and the Union Leader report that the State Employees Association has soundly rejected the proposed contract from the state.


By a vote of 2708 to 1875 the membership rejected a plan that would require about 19 un-paid days off over the next year. Without a contract Lynch has threatened to begin a process of laying off as many as 750 state workers.
Mark Hayward in the Union Leader
“Even with the threat of massive layoffs, our members have stood strong for a fair and reasonable solution,” said Gary Smith, president of the State Employees Association.

He urged Gov. John Lynch to return to the bargaining table.
NH Political Report also has Governor Lynch's reaction to the vote.
"I am deeply disappointed the state employees union has rejected a contract that would have implemented furloughs and preserved jobs. Unfortunately, this vote means the state must now proceed with layoffs.

"Over the last few weeks, agencies have been developing plans for layoffs in the event the union rejected the contract. I will be meeting with department heads tomorrow morning to begin implementing those plans, which include notifying impacted employees this week and completing most layoffs by the end of October.

"I will continue to work with agency heads to help ensure these layoffs have as little impact on state services as possible."


  1. Too bad that when it comes to ELECTED bodies, like County Conventions, for example, they're less accomodating. You know-- lawmakers as law BREAKERS...

  2. Oops- thought I was posting this on the RTK post...