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Friday, October 9, 2009

SEA contract balloting closes

The Union Leader's Jim Fennell reports on the polls closing on the proposed contract voted on by state employees.
Voting by members of the State Employees Association on their proposed contract closed last night.

Ballots had to be hand-delivered to SEA headquarters in Concord by 5 p.m., or be postmarked with yesterday's date to be included when the ballots are counted Monday. Mike Barwell, SEA spokesperson, said 6,370 ballots were sent to union members.

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  1. The State Employees Association overwhelmingly rejects offers from the Governor and arrogantly opts to stand it's ridiculous ground during cost reduction discussions. Now, when the Governor exercises his only alternative, you guys accuse him of "refusal to negotiate", "selective dismissals etc. etc. etc"....Get a life! He actually should get rid of about 40% of you dead weight bureaucrats to begin with!