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Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama's NH tax hike: 'Reform' could bankrupt state

The Union Leader looks at the cost to New Hampshire taxpayers of health care reform:

The House bill both Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes voted for would dramatically expand Medicaid to cover people earning as much as 133 percent of the federal poverty level. Under current state rules, New Hampshire covers parents of Medicaid-eligible children only if their income is less than 63 percent of the federal poverty level. The House bill would more than double the family income level at which New Hampshire would have to provide Medicaid services.

The federal government does not pay 100 percent of Medicaid costs. New Hampshire picks up half the tab. Thus, the House bill would explode state Medicaid costs.

1 comment:

  1. This is the Federal Poverty Level:

    How can you read that and still say what Carol voted for is not a great thing??

    Good for Carol and Paul!! I pay an incredible amount in taxes, and still stand behind Carol!