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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Indie Filmmakers market through grassroots

The Washington Times looks at this weekend's planned premiere of "Not Evil Just Wrong", and how independent filmmakers are using social networks and DVDs to get their work to their audience.
Mr. McAleer and Miss McElhinney have taken the more direct approach in spreading the word about "Not Evil."

"We're doing direct mailing; we're sending out lots of e-mails; we're doing lots of social networking," Miss McElhinney says. "We're reaching out to groups around the country that feel that this is an important story, and we're asking them to help in a kind of grass-roots effort as well."

The directors hope those grass-roots efforts will lead to the film being seen by an audience in the six figures at the premiere parties on Oct. 18.
We'll be hosting a premiere party this Sunday at 8pm, at The Draft in Concord. It's your chance to see the film that asks questions Al Gore can't answer.

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