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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

State retirees, drivers to pay under tax plan

Lauren Dorgan reports in the Concord Monitor about the $11 billion budget plan approved yesterday by the House Finance Committee:
Drivers would pay nearly twice as much in state gas tax, which would rise from 18 to 33 cents. Retired state employees who are younger than 65 would, for the first time, have to help pay for their state-provided health insurance. New Hampshire's dogs and ponies would get a break, as the state's current three racetracks will be permitted to quit running races of live animals while continuing to simulcast out-of-state contests.

The House Finance Committee yesterday voted to recommend all three of those changes - along with scores of others - as its legislators nearly finalized their version of the $11 billion state budget for 2010 and 2011 in a daylong meeting yesterday. The committee is expected to finish its work today, taking up Health and Human Services programs and proposals to institute new estate and capital gains taxes before voting on the whole budget package. The whole House will vote on the budget next week, before sending it on to the Senate.

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