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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amendment X: Alabama Tea Parties

Gary Palmer of the Alabama Policy Institute writes about the Tea Party movement, and the reaction to it from traditional media sources:
But the tea parties had no angry, profanity-riddled chants against America, no community organizations busing in protesters, and certainly no liberal celebrities demanding change. Ordinary people who have never protested nor carried signs but are concerned about the future of our country and the futures of their children and grandchildren were willing to wait in bumper-to-bumper traffic just for the opportunity to stand with others and demand that our government change its ways. What happened at the tea parties was not a protest against America at all; it was a protest against Republicans and Democrats in power who are enacting laws and policies that will destroy America.

Something else seems to be at the root of the reaction of liberal elites to the tea parties, and I think it is that they loathe people who refuse to submit to the liberal agenda. Even White House spokesman Robert Gibbs acted as though nothing significant was happening around the nation stating that he “… didn’t know if the President was aware of the events.”

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