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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grok doesn't like the van

Our friends at Granite Grok make history today, by agreeing with the Concord Monitor editorial page:

Another case made for a more limited government - so, cops need satellite TV on a stake-out?

Over at NH Watchdog, our friend Grant Bosse alerts us that even as the NH State budget is in $250 million in the whole (our state budget is about $1 Billion / year so it is a hefty percentage - thanks Democrats for boosting spending 17% during the cycle!), the Liquor Commission decided to use $442,000 to buy a van! This as Gov. Do-nothin' is pressuring all departments to cut spending big time.

Guess Commissioner Mark Bodi "doesn't get it" - or worse, believes it doesn't apply to him. Now, this is not just ANY kind of van - it is SPECIAL!

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