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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lynch proposing limited cuts to budget

Tom Fahey outlines Governor Lynch's proposed budget cuts in this morning's Union Leader:
Gov. John Lynch said he will propose up to $60 million in cuts to the state budget tomorrow, and spend the next seven months looking for ways to close the remaining budget gap estimated at $90 million.

Lynch would not specify where $50 million to $60 million in cuts will be made, but said layoffs are not part of the plan he will offer the Legislative Fiscal Committee. He said the state will save an estimated $100 million by June through a series of five executive orders he issued since February. He froze hiring, limited out-of-state travel and purchases and cut consulting costs.

This is a start, but admittedly not nearly enough to fill the hole facing the next Legislature. I'll be covering the Fiscal Committee's meeting tomorrow morning at the State House.

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