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Friday, November 21, 2008

Flash from Fiscal

Governor Lynch has outlined his proposed cuts to the Fiscal Committee:
1) $53 million in targeted reductions to state agencies, such as a freeze on new projects under LCHIP, and cuts to the University Systam and Health and Human Services, as well as a reduction in the state's percentage of building aid. There are no layoffs and no programs are eliminated.
2) $3-$5 million in savings directives to state agencies, such as limiting overtime and mileage reimbursement, making sure state vehicles are in state lots overnight, and canceling subscriptions to periodicals where possible.

Governor Lynch is also seeking to draft legislation for more savings, which would include moving up to $5 million from the Highway Fund to the General Fund. He says that while he thinks Congress should provide assistance to states with severe budget shortfalls, he's doesn't think New Hampshire can count on it.

The Governor is now taking questions from the Fiscal Committee. I'll have more details on the Governor's remarks, and the two executive orders shortly.

FYI- Public Hearings on agency budget requests begin this afternoon at 1pm at the Legislative Office Building.

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