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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carving up the stimulus

President Obama is expected to ring the dinner bell today by signing the $787 billion "Stimulus" package into law. New Hampshire has already designating a stimulus czar to help hand out the federal money. Lauren Dorgan reports on the project in this morning's Concord Monitor:
But it isn't exactly clear yet where all that money will go. Money from the bill is expected to help patch the state budget and to speed construction on roads and schools. Yesterday, Bud Fitch, the state's new stimulus czar, pored over the 1,000-page bill, compiling a spreadsheet and tabulating what's coming to New Hampshire, using various distribution formulae and knowledge of what New Hampshire officials and residents can apply for through a competitive grant process for the calculation. Other pots of money will be distributed by yet-to-be-written rules from federal agencies.

"Part of my charge is to identify the ones that potentially could be sought by New Hampshire, or somebody in New Hampshire," Fitch said.

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