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Friday, January 2, 2009

Irony Watch- State to require students to study personal finance

State Representative Don Petterson (D-Brentwood) wants to require every school in New Hampshire to add financial literacy to its curriculum. Lauren Dorgan reports on the new legislation in the Concord Monitor:
Rep. Don Petterson has a New Year's resolution for high-schoolers across the state: They will learn to manage their finances.

The Brentwood state representative has filed a bill that would require high-school economics classes to include lessons on personal financial literacy, everything from how to balance a checkbook, follow a budget, understand credit cards and buy homes.

New Hampshire already requires economics classes in order for students to graduate. Peeterson's bill would specify what should be taught during those classes.

Setting aside the micromanagement of microeconomics, it's ironic that a Legislature that couldn't balance its own budget now wants to teach high school students how to balance a checkbook.

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